ENG TRANS – 2PM OT6 – Article Published in 2012 – Men’s Uno Magazine April 2012

It’s 2PM’s 5000 days since debut. Here’s an article that was published 10 years ago around April 2012. They haven’t changed. If they have changed, they only became better men.

ENG TRANS – 2PM Taecyeon – Star1 Magazine Interview Vol.123 April 2022

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ENG TRANS – 2PM OT6 – 2021.09.04 Letter Read Out in Dear.HOTTEST Fan Meeting

ENG TRANS – 2PM OT6 – Hottest Week – The Not-So-Lonely Real 2PM Chatroom

Link to the Chatroom Video

BLOG MEMORY – 2PM OT6 – <MUST> Album Teaser / Medley

Today, it started with the release of the 2PM group teaser photo in DARK version…. Then, the release of the 2PM group teaser photo in LIGHT version + teaser video…. The day concluded with the Album Medley…. I suffered from heart attacks 3 times today on my birthday… This is the best birthday ever! Thank you 2PM…. 🥰

Link to the Official Album Medley Video

ENG SUB – 2PM Wooyoung – 2021.06.14 Wooyoung’s Instagram Live During the Release of the <MUST> Tracklist – PART 1

Full English Subtitles Added. It was the day when Wooyoung was experiencing a lot of emotions in one day. Wooyoung is just so precious. Please be nice to this kind-hearted person.

Link to the VIDEO

ENG TRANS – 2PM OT6 – Wild Six Episode 4: 2PM Member’s Messages for Junho’s Discharge