ENG TRANS – 2PM OT6 – Wild Six Episode 4: 2PM Member’s Messages for Junho’s Discharge

ENG TRANS – 2PM OT6 – 2021.04.15 Korean Article Giving 2PM Members’ Update

ENG SUB – 2PM Junho – 2021.03.21 Junho’s Army Discharge Live

Full English subtitles added.

After 2 years, what’s the biggest change in Junho? I think it’s the fact that not only he learned to manage his body but also his soul. He discovered calm.

LINK to the Video

2PM Junho – 2021.03.21 We have Junho back.

Not a translation or subbing post but just want to mark this day in my Hottest memory. The day our Junho is back with us after 661 days. Another step closer to 2PM group comeback! 😊 Doesn’t matter what you are smiling or laughing about, your smile will make me smile at any moment. All my effort and endurance in doing my little fan service here is worth it when I see your smile.

ENG TRANS – 2PM Junho – 2021.03.18 Korean article briefly covering Junho‘s discharge

Be happy not only for Junho‘s discharge. We should be happy that we are getting OT6 back! Also, be proud Hottest because while people are trying to avoid their duties, these guys made us proud for diligently serving their duties. ALL OF THEM! (Except Khun but he didn’t rest at all during the hiatus, busy filling us with contents and waited just like any Hottest!) They just faced their service full on (Especially Taec who did so much just to make himself an active soldier!) Without any excuses, they went in and fulfilled their duties… I stan the right people for 10 years! Tears of joy! 😭


ENG TRANS – 2PM Junho – 2021.03.15 Junho’s Fantalk (Mention Party) in Twitter

Last time, you held a record of 151 tweets over 2 hours…. This time you replied 136 tweets in just over 1 hour…. You almost break your own record…. To be honest, your fantalk tweets to me are both love and hate…. I love how you shared your little stories or TMI in your replies…. But I hate to say, these fantalks took me forever to translate… I didn’t sleep last night… I spent a long time translating the tweets, cutting out pictures and putting it together nicely… Once again, I watched the sunrise because of Lee Junho!!

ENG SUB – 2PM Junho – 2021.03.12 Junho’s Instagram Live D-8

I just added English Subtitles to his IG Live. Really, getting Junho’s IG live notification is “NOT EASY”…. Instagram, when are you going to fix this notification bug?

이준호 오빠! 오빠 인스타 라이브 알람이 안와요 ㅠㅠ 혹시 다음에는 라이브 하기전에 짧게라도 트윗 해주시면 안될까요? 제발 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 제발요 ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ 저번에 놓쳐서 하늘이 무너지는 줄 알았어 ㅠㅠ