ENG SUB – 2PM Junho & Chansung – 2022.01.06 Team Chichi Fanmeeting – Dongwon Tuna

English subtitles added. Source: Dongwon Tuna

❌ Do not take my subbed video (in parts or in full) and reload anywhere online ❌

Link to the VIDEO

ENG SUB – 2PM Chansung / Junho / Jun. K – 2021.06.21 Chansung’s Cooking Live Ep.3

Full English Subtitles Added.

It’s really not easy to add subtitles for this Live. They talked fast, the Live itself is pretty long (1hr 32mins), some difficult Korean terms used in the conversation, all the cooking background noise, talking with the mask on, hard to hear phone conversation, etc……… Brain explosion 💥

Link to the VIDEO

ENG SUB – 2PM Taecyeon – 2020.11.27 Taec’s Instagram Story – Bacon Jam Making

I have put together all Taec’s IG stories today for his bacon jam making session with English subtitles. Happy Friday everyone! #육식맨따라하기 #Follow_The_Meat_Eater

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