ENG TRANS – 2PM OT6 – 2021.09.04 Letter Read Out in Dear.HOTTEST Fan Meeting

ENG SUB – 2PM OT6 – Hottest Week Confession Room Video

Official subbing will probably be done later by Div1. However, I really like this video and did the subbing. So for those of you who cannot wait, here‘s the link to download the video. Hottest, let’s all enjoy our day!!! 🥰☺️🥰☺️

LINK to download the Video with Subs

ENG TRANS – 2PM OT6 – Hottest Week – The Not-So-Lonely Real 2PM Chatroom

Link to the Chatroom Video

ENG SUB – 2PM Junho – 2020.09.01 Junho’s D-200 Instagram Live

Because I just want to hear Junho’s voice and to complete the whole picture, I have added English subtitles to Junho’s InstaLive. Video is now loaded into YouTube. Click here: JLML718’s YouTube Video

Or search ‘JLML718’ in YouTube

ENG TRANS / ENG SUB – 2PM OT6 – 2PM’s 12th Anniversary #InstaLive Countdown

I have completed the full translation and subtitles for this InstaLive video. Word translations will not be provided due to its length. If interested, go check out the video that I uploaded into YouTube with English Subtitles. Click here: JLML718‘s YouTube Video or search for ‘JLML718’ in YouTube

ENG SUB – 2PM Jun. K / Wooyoung / Nichkhun – 2020.09.01 Hottest Week #Vlive “Wonder About Hot Tea” with TYHG (12th Anniversary Event)

Full translation will not be provided due to the length of the document (30 pages with 8019 word count!)

I added the English subtitles directly in VLIVE. Click here: VLIVE VIDEO

ENG TRANS – 2PM OT6 – 12th Anniversary Hottest Week – Members’ Q&A