I don’t usually post other artist in this 2PM Blog unless it is related to 2PM. This is a Blog set up solely for the purpose of supporting 2PM members. However, I am going to break this rule for once today because personally I am going through some hard times lately. This song comforts me. If you are also feeling tired and having a hard time, I hope this song will give you some comfort, too. I won’t be breaking this 2PM rule again (Just this once!).

As usual, even if this is not a 2PM video, please do not be heartless and rip out any of my subbed videos for your own use. Do not reload this video elsewhere or for your own editing. Watch and enjoy. Thank you.

ENG SUB – 2PM OT6 – 2021.07.08 Kiss The Radio with Day6 Young K

Full English Subtitles Added. Do not reload this video anywhere (In parts or in full)

LINK to download / View the File

ENG TRANS – 2PM OT6 – 2021.06.28 <MUST> Online Showcase – Summary Video by Pickcon

English translation is done based upon Pickcon’s video: PICKCON’s Original Video

BLOG MEMORY – 2PM OT6 – <MUST> Album Teaser / Medley

Today, it started with the release of the 2PM group teaser photo in DARK version…. Then, the release of the 2PM group teaser photo in LIGHT version + teaser video…. The day concluded with the Album Medley…. I suffered from heart attacks 3 times today on my birthday… This is the best birthday ever! Thank you 2PM…. 🥰

Link to the Official Album Medley Video

ENG SUB – 2PM Nichkhun / Wooyoung / Junho / Chansung – 2021.06.15 <MUST> Get Live

Full English Subtitles Added.

Link to the VIDEO

BLOG MEMORY – 2PM OT6 – 2009-2021 Trailer / Teaser – 13 Years of Growth

LINK to the Official Trailer/Teasers for 2PM’s Comeback since 2009-2021:

2009 1:59 https://youtu.be/P5nhBMey62U

2009 Heartbeat https://youtu.be/N-ZAvKairSA

2010 I’ll Be Back https://youtu.be/c2BKRLQfU48

2011 Hands Up https://youtu.be/u4p5VOpyhJ0

2013 Grown https://youtu.be/fwPlrqGG06o

2013 Grown https://youtu.be/_qSglWf_rVc

2013 Grown https://youtu.be/NNTTXR49KCM

2014 Go Crazy https://youtu.be/aQ0Jn-neK68

2014 Go Crazy https://youtu.be/i64se1q5ELg

2015 My House https://youtu.be/0ZEKHrX-3gs

2015 My House https://youtu.be/3XM_RlWo5Z8

2016 Gentlemen’s Game https://youtu.be/wDGEliCG-Jw

2016 Gentlemen’s Game https://youtu.be/SfhM_LUz3aI

2021 MUST https://youtu.be/XFTQq7oTwpE