ENG TRANS – 2PM OT6 – Article Published in 2012 – Men’s Uno Magazine April 2012

It’s 2PM’s 5000 days since debut. Here’s an article that was published 10 years ago around April 2012. They haven’t changed. If they have changed, they only became better men.

ENG TRANS – 2PM Junho – 2022.03.24 Korean Article – “Junho did not soar through TRS because of luck”

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Link to the Original Article

ENG TRANS – 2PM Nichkhun – 2021.10.15 Fan’s Report on Attending the Filming for <Shine! Super Brother 2> in China

Source provided by DRKANG817 (Twitter). All credit goes to the fan who wrote the report in Weibo (Name mentioned in the translation).