ENG SUB – 2PM Junho – Summary of Junho’s Filmography (StarLab)

English Subtitles Added – ❌ Do not take my subbed video and repost elsewhere online (in parts or in full). Please enjoy the video and just leave it where it is. Thank you. ❌

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ENG TRANS – 2PM Junho – 2018.05.07 CHJ’s Power Time Radio Show with the 3 Main Leads from “Wok of Love”

Not everyone will agree with me but my favourite Junho’s drama is actually “Wok of Love” simply because it’s always Junho’s smile that captures my heart… Only in this drama that I can see a much happier Junho with heaps of smiles… While I wanna to rewatch this drama again for the XXth times, I remembered I have not done the translation for this radio interview… It’s late but I am sure Junho stan would not mind… 🙂