ENG TRANS – 2PM Jun. K / Nichkhun / Wooyoung / Junho – Fanclub Messages to Fans

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ENG SUB – 2PM OT6 – 2022.09.04 2PM 14th Anniversary VLIVE (FULL VIDEO)

Full English Subtitles Added to the Full Video.

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Link to the SUBBED VIDEO

ENG SUB – 2PM OT6 – 2PM 14th Anniversary VLIVE – Phonecall with Junho Cut

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ENG TRANS – 2PM OT6 – 2PM’s 14th Anniversary Special Letters to Hottest

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🔴 I’ve noticed some foreign fans who have been using my subbed videos as reference to make subbed videos into their own language. THIS IS A WARNING TO YOU! If you are using my video (KOREAN to ENGLISH) as reference, give me credit for the work I have done to do all these translation and subbing! Don’t just take my video for granted and think it is OK because it’s shared online. LEARN some online etiquette and manners and do the right thing by respecting other people’s hard work!

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ENG TRANS – 2PM OT6 – Article Published in 2012 – Men’s Uno Magazine April 2012

It’s 2PM’s 5000 days since debut. Here’s an article that was published 10 years ago around April 2012. They haven’t changed. If they have changed, they only became better men.

<The Red Sleeve> BLOG

I have put together a new Blog for <The Red Sleeve>. This will separate my RS contents from my 2PM contents.

There is a BEYOND THE NOVEL (CHAT) session. I’ve moved the posts I shared in Instagram regarding the novel/drama/history into the Blog. CHAT post will continue in this Blog.

There is also a NOVEL TRANSLATIONS is still “On Going”. This will be a lengthy process, so be patient.

Feel free to navigate around the new Blog (although, it’s new and still lots of work to do)… But I guess separate my 2PM Blog and RS contents will make it easier for you and myself. My 2PM Blog will continue to operate with updates for 2PM members as usual.

<The Red Sleeve> Blog: http://unlocktheredsleeve.wordpress.com

To get notifications on RS Updates, follow my RS Instagram account: JLML718redsleeve

ENG TRANS – 2PM OT6 – 2021.09.04 Letter Read Out in Dear.HOTTEST Fan Meeting

ENG SUB – 2PM OT6 – Hottest Week Confession Room Video

Official subbing will probably be done later by Div1. However, I really like this video and did the subbing. So for those of you who cannot wait, here‘s the link to download the video. Hottest, let’s all enjoy our day!!! 🥰☺️🥰☺️

LINK to download the Video with Subs